Here are some commonly asked questions we get. So we thought we would put them up on the site for you

Q: Do we ship internationally?

A: Yes we can.Only to Namibia and neighbouring countries

Q: What is this FREE SHIPPING thing about?

A: FREE SHIPPING on orders to the value of R1000 and over! Standard parcel post only...

    You can choose to Forego the free shipping in favour of a faster delivery method, ie. Speed services. However, should you choose this, the full amount (shipping charge) will be payable.

Q: Do you have a phone number i can contact you at?

A: Yes. its a cellphone for now 0833652143 although a landline will follow shortly . Please note during the day it might be switched off as we run this site part time and do work full time ourselves and can not take calls during the day. Please leave a message or email gordonboonzaier@gmail.com and we will respond within 48hrs

Q: I was sent a tracking number,I tried to track its progress but the Post Office or tracking company says they have no record of it. What is happening?

A: South Africa is a slow country, and it can take a while for Tracking Numbers to show on the various couriers and SAPO websites. So don’t panic if you try track your item and you can’t find it. Give it 24-48 hours and it will show up, if it still doesn’t let us know and we will track it down for you.


Q:  Why does it take so long for some products to come into stock?

A:  When we order products it’s generally in bulk and to keep costs down we use snail mail as our shipping options. This unfortunately delays the products. However we do our best to keep a constant stock level of the most popular items and as soon as a product reaches a certain stock level it is re-ordered.

Q: What is a Wifly Auction and how does it work?

A: Wifly offers the facility where you can auction off your 2nd hand or new items without the hassle of administering the sale yourself. What you do is you give a good photo and description of the item. a reserve if there is any and then we put it up for you and the guys start bidding. Please note that a reserve is the minimum amount accepted for the item, if that amount is not reached the auction relists automatically.

Wifly takes 7.5% of the final sale price as an administration fee, once WE have received the money into our bank account we will put the buyer and seller into contact with one another and pay the seller the money owing to him. at this point the sale is out of our hands and the final transaction(handover of the item) takes place.

Wifly does not seem the items being auctioned as most of them are from all around the country so as usual....blah blah blah all the legal cr@p we dont take any responsibility for the items on auction. Any comebacks are to be directed directly to the seller.


Q: Will Wifly Teach me to fly?

A: Ask me realllllly nicely and ill help you out ;)


Q: Do you have a physical shop front.

A: Yes. From the 27th of May 2013 it will be located at 8 Amatoni,cnr of Station/Herold Street



Q: Can I collect my parts instead of having them posted

A: Yes. See our physical shopfront address above.


Q: What happens if I have a problem with a part which I purchase from you?

A: We will repair or replace it if it’s under the guarantee period, Please note that if the part is damaged due to misuse WiFly hobbies reserves the right to refuse replacement

Batteries are ALL tested before they leave the shop and are marked as such on the battery or the box its in. Therefore we do not offer refunds on batteries(You can exchange a working battery though if its in as new condition with its original packaging). We pack them extremely well so physical damage is unlikely. Unless you want to swop it out for something else and the battery is still in working condition there are no refunds for damaged LiPo's

Q:  I want a product which you do not have on your site. Can you get it for me?

A:  Sure, give us a shout at gordonboonzaier@gmail.com  and we will see what we can do :)


Q: Why are there not a lot of Name Brand products on your site? E.g. Futaba, JR, E-Flite

A: There is currently a dispute around who can import certain products. We are doing our best to get hold of these products. Watch this space; we can however source them for you if you want something specific.


Q: Many of the products on your site seem to come from a well known Hong Kong HobbyShop. What’s stopping me from buying directly from them?

A: Nothing...You just have to wait a bit longer and carry the risk of damage or lost parcels. Also you might find that to just import 1 or 2 things will actually work out more expensive. We also offer full backup for all products purchased from us.


Q: Do you accept COD?

A: Yes we do.


Q: Why did my order disappear after I ordered it?

A: Most likely because payment was not received. We can only reserve orders for 48hours. An email will be sent to you and we will try call you to remind you about payment. If payment doesnt come through then the order is cancelled and the items made available for sale once again.


Q: I’ve ordered a parcel and I’ve chosen an incorrect shipping option, can I change it?

A: If the item has not been sent yet we can change it. If it’s already been shipped we can’t change it.


 Q:I want to post a review on a product I purchased. Can I do that?

A: Yes you can. On the product itself you will see a button at the bottom of the page saying "Review This Product" Click on that and enter your review. It will take a few hours for your review to show as its moderated, All reviews are accepted, we do not delete negative reviews unless they contain obscene language, you also earn reward points for each review you write.

 Q:I paid for speed services  but my parcel was sent normal registered post. Why?

A: Speedservices is very expensive for large parcels and the option we provide is for small parcels up to 1kg only. If it’s too large or too heavy it will be sent normal registered post and you will be notified of this when you receive your tracking number, you will also be phoned or mailed to confirm this.

Q: Do you have credit card facilities?

A: Yes. We use a third party provider to handle our payments securely. Its fast and easy to use them AND if you pay with credit card you dont have to wait for your payment to clear before your order is sent. In fact if its done before 12am we will do our best to send it the same day.

Q: I've got a product thats broken, whats the procedure for returns? 


Ok, so you got something from us and its broken...she no work.

Not a problem, pop it back in the post and send it to us within 14 days of receipt.
PLEASE send us an email to gordonboonzaier@gmail.com so we know to expect it, also include the return tracking number if you send it registered or parcel post.

Send it to us normal parcel post(the return address is on your parcel), no need to send it speed services or courier. We can't pay for the postage to return the item back to us, but we will of course send it back free of charge.

In the return parcel please include all original packaging etc as well as a note describing the problem.

When we receive it we will inspect it and confirm the problem and if possible repair it, if we can't repair it we will replace it for you and send the item back to you via standard parcel post. It may take a little time (not forever, usually at most around a week) we will keep you updated....promise!

Please note that for electronic items we reserve the right to refuse replacement due to user error. ie...if you wired it up wrong and blew it...don't expect us to replace it.

If you decide to do some "DIY" and open or repair the item yourself we will not replace it under any circumstances. We will however send it off to our 3rd party repairman who will repair it at your cost if you wish.

If you bought a product from us and it failed, causing your aircraft or heli to fail please don't ask us to replace everything as the use of the item is out of our control and we can only replace or repair the item we supplied.

You have 14 days to return a faulty item. If after this period you return it, we will not replace it...our liability can't last forever eh? There is a point at which the difference between manufacturing fault and user error or wear and tear becomes difficult to determine.
But we can arrange for it to be repaired if you like.

If you buy stuff from HK directly (we don't mind...really we don't) but don't expect us to replace it...we do check your order history.

Ok last thing. If your item is lost or damaged in the post, sorry, we can't be held liable. We will assist you in tracking it and do our best to get it back for you, we will contact the post office and generally keep you updated. Touch wood, in over 3 years of operation we have only had 1 parcel go missing...
A parcel can be considered lost or missing if it has not arrived at your address within 14 days of us posting it. Please allow 5 days normally for items to arrive even at the furthest reaches of the country.
You can track parcels at www.sapo.co.za (assuming their website is working of course)
or you can call customer services at 0860111502 and they will tell you exactly where it is.
NOTE: it takes at least 1 day for a item to get into their system. so allow 24 hrs from postage before tracking it.

If the item is damaged due to bad packing on our side we will sort it out and make it right. We can determine this from the returned item and its packaging(also please take photos of the damaged box and the item) Please note bad packing and bad handling are not the same thing, for instance:
If it's damaged cos the post office hurls it across the room at 100mph...bad handling
If the fat aunty at the post office used your parcel as a chair...bad handling
If the package has been opened and resealed...bad handling
If any item is sent unwrapped and it gets damaged...bad packing(we will replace it)
If we have squashed your 90 size heli into a shoebox...bad packing(we will replace it...and I'll bop packing guy on the noggin)